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Don't Forget Your Neck and Décolleté!

Lately, more and more of our patients are expressing concerns about their neck.  So we thought that this would be a great topic to share with all our patients.  Who doesn’t want a nice smooth neck?  While surgery can often help to achieve this, there are many who also do not want considerable scars, major surgical procedures or down time.  Also, there may be a limit to what surgery alone can achieve.  That’s why preemptively caring for your neck early on to maintain a rejuvenated healthy look may be the best bet.

Often, early on, we tend to focus more on taking care of our face only, and we forget that really our neck is a continuation of our face.  As we care for the skin on our face to keep it healthy and rejuvenated, we should remember that in order to maintain youthful harmony, we should include our neck as well as our décolleté into our skin care regimen.  By caring for our necks at a younger age, we can slow down the effects of sun damage and photo-aging.  Also, the neck and décolleté is especially vulnerable to visible signs of aging.  Our neck skin is thinner and has less fatty tissue, and is more exposed to environmental factors, including sun damage and therefore more prone to signs of aging.  Also the skin of our neck and décolleté has much fewer sebaceous glands than our facial skin, so it dries out more easily.  And drier skin ages faster!  Also, with fewer sebaceous glands in this skin, it is harder for our skin products to get absorbed.  All these factors contribute to making our skin on the neck and décolleté more prone to losing elasticity quickly, and becoming dry, wrinkly and crepey.  Fortunately, here at the Center for Plastic Surgery, we have many options to help our neck and décolleté at all different ages and stages of our life.

Your Home Skin Regimen Makes a Difference 

One of the easiest things we can do is get more aggressive with our skin care products at home.  With so many skin products available, it sometimes can seem confusing or overwhelming.  We can help you formulate an individualized skin treatment regimen designed for your skin concerns.  And of course, don't forget your neck and décolleté when applying products to your face.  One of Dr. Eliopoulos’ favorite products for the neck is NeoCutis MICRO•FIRM Neck and Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex, which is powered by MPC™ (micro-proteins specially formulated for anti-aging).  This product packs a punch!  Not only is it great on its own, but can be combined with your existing home care regimen or any in-office treatments to the neck, such as SmartLipo, Kybella, Laser Resurfacing, Micro-Needling, and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening to get the best results possible, and then will help you maintain those results.  That’s why we include MICRO•FIRM in our Smartlipo of the Neck and Kybella treatments

SmartLipo of the Neck

It is amazing to see how just a little fat removal can transform someone’s neck contour and how they feel about their face.  That is why Dr. Eliopoulos absolutely loves performing Smartlipo to remove unwanted fat in the neck. The added benefit to this procedure is the skin tightening you can achieve with this laser assisted liposuction.  Dr. Eliopoulos performs this procedure right in the office.  Patients love that they are awake and very comfortable with local anesthetic during the procedure.  Many patients have told us it feels like a massage.  And recovery is fairly easy as well.  See some pictures below of some of our patients who have had this procedure.

Kybella to the Neck

For those who may not be interested in surgical fat removal, Kybella is a fantastic FDA approved non-surgical option to target bothersome excess fat in the neck.  This treatment is performed right in the office.  Through a series of quick treatments, typically 2-3, spaced about 2-3 months apart, we can achieve permanent fat reduction in the fat of the neck right under the chin area.


Fractional Non-Ablative Laser and Microneedling

It’s never too early to start collagen building to help with our fine lines and texture and these two highly effective treatments can really help.  These treatments have less downtime and through a series of treatments can be just the thing to help that neck skin!


If skin laxity is your concern in the neck and jawline, then this treatment which uses radiofrequency to deliver heat energy may be a nice option for you.  A series of radiofrequency skin tightening involves absolutely no down time and can be performed on tanned or non-tanned skin to stimulate collagen building over the next several months.



As we age, muscle banding in the neck becomes more prominent.  In the right patient, Botox is a great option to help soften this banding and create a more youthful look.  This safe off label use of Botox in the neck typically lasts 3-4 months.

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Rejuvenating and Contouring Your Neck

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