Give a Cheer for Our 20th Year!

Dr. Eliopoulos Reflects on Reaching this November 2020 Milestone

November is commonly a time to reflect on the current year and appreciate where we have been and where we are going in the year ahead. This November of 2020 is a special one for me as it marks the 20th anniversary of my practice.

With Thanksgiving Day approaching, what better time for me to appreciate this milestone and look back on the past 20 years and thank those who have helped me along the way. I would never have been able to create something from the ground up without the support of family, friends, my wonderful staff, a superb hospital team, and the trust of my amazing patients. It really does “take a village”! I’m not sure I can do justice to all the thoughts and emotions in my head since writing is not my forte…but here it goes!

Firstly, I must thank my parents and family.

Massachusetts double board certified plastic surgeon Dina MD

I was blessed with amazing loving parents who supported and encouraged me every step of the way on my journey to become a plastic surgeon. They empowered me to be whatever I wanted to be. Their guidance has never ceased. Many of you know that my father was instrumental in my siblings, cousin, my husband, and I developing our professional building at 9 North Road, Chelmsford back in 2011. I am so thankful that in the last few years of his life, he could see his vision and all his efforts come to fruition. And I know he continues to look down on us, happy with fatherly pride that we are all together working under one roof. What a great feeling knowing you are surrounded by loving and supportive family! I would not wish to work anywhere else.

My husband and two children are my pillars. Without their constant love and patience, I would not be where I am today. The Center for Plastic Surgery is really my “home away from home”. There have been many long days and nights, and unfortunately at times I have often had to put work before my family. My children are so amazing and understanding and I thank them for that. My hope is that part of my legacy to them is to inspire them to follow their dreams. If they desire, they can enjoy both a rewarding career and family. Trying to strike the right work-life balance is a constant challenge for me, and honestly, a work still in progress. I hope I can instill in them the life lesson that nothing of value, whether personally or professionally, comes without struggles, hard work, determination, and constant effort. My twins are now 17 and seniors in high school…I can’t believe that! We have been talking about career paths. And while they are not yet sure what their future holds, I hope they can find something that they are passionate about, that allows them to use their God-given talents while making a positive difference in the world…that would be a blessing.

Next, thank you to my amazing staff, and hospital team who make it all possible.

Looking back, the Summer and Fall of 2000 were seasons of significant change and new beginnings for me. I had just finished the last of my 8 years of residency training in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. But no rest for the weary, as they say. In the following few months, I moved back home to Massachusetts, got married, and then set up my practice in my hometown of Chelmsford…and The Center for Plastic Surgery was born! I remember my Open House to celebrate the opening of the practice as if it were yesterday. I was so grateful to all my family, friends and colleagues who came out to support me. From those humble beginnings, so much has changed over 20 years since I first started the practice.

I am proud of where we are today and energized by what the future holds. Certainly, we have had some growing pains over the years…but without stretching ourselves, no matter what age or how much experience we already have, how do we grow? And grown we have! Over the years the Center for Plastic Surgery has continued to add services and medical technology in a safe way to better meet our patients’ needs and create a full-service experience, including both non-surgical and surgical options. I am so thankful for all my staff over the years who have helped me, and this practice, evolve. Without them, I would not be able to care for my patients and provide them the service and experience they deserve. While my team members have changed over the years, I am thankful for them all, then and now, and truly value our time together and each of their individual contributions.

My hope is that they also learned and grew in those experiences. In a boutique practice like my own, my team is a close-knit group and we therefore depend on each other even more. I want my team to love coming to work each day and am committed to creating a healthy work environment for all to thrive and grow personally and professionally. By providing opportunities for education, training, and mentoring, I hope to inspire my team on their lifelong journey of learning and self-fullfillment.

Finally, thank you to my wonderful patients!

Massachusetts double board certified plastic surgeon Dina MD

This year 2020 has been quite the year in so many ways. When I was unable to operate for several months due to Covid 19, I can’t tell you how much I missed that time in the operating room, reaffirming how much I love plastic surgery! This specialty satisfies my mind, body, and soul, combining medicine with artistry, while making human connections. I was never so thankful to be back in the operating room with my team treating patients again. My patients were so happy when we were able to finally perform their postponed surgeries. This reminded me how fortunate I am to have patients who willingly share with me their most intimate insecurities and trust me with their care. I love helping them realize their inner strength, beauty, and confidence, not by striving for perfection, but by safely and realistically enhancing and restoring parts of their body that concern them or hinder them from living their best lives. I do not take this responsibility lightly but rather respectfully. Plastic surgery really can be life-changing for many patients. I am reminded how privileged I am to help them on their journey. Their journey has helped me on mine… I am reminded this November of 2020 that I really do love what I do, and I am humbled and so thankful to be able to do it.

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