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Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma Helps Reduce Scarring, Blemishes, and Wrinkles

Improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, and other facial blemishes can dramatically improve your appearance. Dr. Dina Eliopoulos can help you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin with some of the best microneedling Boston has to offer.

Benefits of Microneedling in Boston.

Microneedling, originally termed collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure used to improve a variety of aesthetic and medical conditions. The procedure involves creating thousands of controlled micro-channels in the skin, inducing a controlled injury response within the tissue through a physical and mechanical mechanism.

Microneedling can be used to treat a variety of imperfections, and has been shown to:

  • Rejuvenate skin, tighten and firm
  • Minimize the appearance of various forms of scarring
  • Reduce acne and acne scarring
  • Stimulate tissue regeneration
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and moderate wrinkles
  • Minimize the size of pores
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve all skin types and skin tones
  • Bring topical treatments to the deeper layers of skin without the need for extensive exfoliation

For more serious skin concerns, Boston Microneedling patients may also be interested in learning more about our various skin and laser treatments.

Dating back to the 1950’s, microneedling relies on the principle of neocollagenesis (new collagen production) and neovascularization (formation of functional microvascular networks with red blood cell perfusion) that occurs as a result of the release of growth factors following controlled injury to the skin. Growth factors are believed to be responsible for the beneficial effects of the procedure in the treatment of photo-aging and scars.

The Microneedling Procedure

With advanced Réjuvapen microneedling treatments, the appearance of your skin can be significantly improved. As our Nurse Practitioner applies the Réjuvapen over the treatment areas, these needles move up and down to make thousands of microscopic channels in the skin, targeting the deeper levels of the skin. These micro channels also provide a passage for topical skin treatments deep into the dermis for more significant effects. This treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing response. As your body responds to these micro-injuries, it naturally begins to repair itself by increasing collagen and elastin in the skin.

By treating a "fraction" of the skin at a deeper level, rather than just at the skin surface, recovery time is reduced and safety is increased. The result is smoother, more uniform looking skin. Our Boston microneedling procedure can treat a variety of imperfections. It has been shown to minimize the appearance of scarring caused by acne and stimulates tissue regeneration. Not only can this treatment be used on the face and neck, but also other areas of the body, including the arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back.

Morpheus8 Microneedling

The Morpheus8 Microneedling treatment delivers fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy through micro-needles with gold tips to improve skin elasticity and firmness on a deeper level. As the RF energy penetrates the skin through the microneedles, a natural repair process takes place, boosting collagen and elastin production while tightening the skin. The skin becomes tighter, firmer, and more youthful in appearance as the collagen rebuilds. Dr. Eliopoulos will customize the procedure to each patients needs by varying the depth of penetration and the amount of energy delivered.


What is platelet rich plasma or PRP?

PRP is the purest form of your platelets taken from a small blood sample drawn in our office, much like you would at your primary care provider’s office for a routine physical. Platelet rich plasma is the end product of concentrated plasma once the blood sample is carefully manipulated through a sterile closed 2 spin process in a specifically designed centrifuge.

Human blood consists of stem cells and autologous blood products that contain essential and specific growth factors that aid in tissue regeneration and healing. Published medical literature confirms the safety and use of PRP therapy for a variety of medical conditions. It has been used as a medial adjunct therapy for over two decades for skin and wound healing. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has established itself to be effective as a medical treatment modality in the specialty fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery, oral surgery, neurosurgery, sports medicine and orthopedics.

Why should I add PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma to my microneedling treatment?

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma via microneedling and injection in the aesthetic industry has become increasingly popular for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture improvements, scars, and overall skin rejuvenation. The heavily concentrated platelet rich plasma we are able to harvest at The Center for Plastic Surgery contains growth factors that stimulate collagen, growth of blood vessels and regenerates tissues to help you achieve and maintain a more youthful appearance.

By adding PRP to microneedling Boston patients can take it to the next level. We start by massaging the PRP into the small microchannels created with the microneedling device over the entire numbed face and neck. Following microneedling, we then inject PRP into deeper layers of facial tissue to address your most troublesome areas. Injections can focus on the lower eyelids, smile lines, marionette lines and frown lines to further improve wrinkles and volume loss. These injections do not take the place of injectable fillers we provide in our office but rather enhance the results of other treatments we do.

What to Expect

Dr. Dina Eliopoulos has over 2 decades of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon, with a reputation for dedication, surgical excellence, and professionalism. The purpose of her consultation is not to “convince you” to undergo a procedure, but to learn about your goals and educate you on your surgical options.

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See Dr. Eliopoulos' medspa before and after results. It is important to look at before and after images to get an idea of what can be achieved with a surgery and to help guide the process with the doctor.

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Who is a candidate?

Almost everyone is a candidate for microneedling and the use of Platelet Rich Plasma. The fact that your own blood is being drawn and used for rejuvenation purposes alleviates the risk of reaction or allergy to the product as with some other topical agents used with microneedling.

Strict contraindications for microneedling with PRP include platelet dysfunction syndrome, thrombocytopenia (ITP, TTP) or septicemia. We use extra caution in those with decreased blood counts and recent history of fever or illness. Microneedling should not be used to treat rosacea, skin infections, keloid scars, skin cancers, eczema or open wounds.

How often should I have a microneedling with PRP treatment?

For best results, Dr. Eliopoulos and her advanced skin care professionals recommend having an initial microneedling with PRP treatment series of 3 to 4 sessions within 6 months. Patients will begin to see results approximately 6 weeks after treatment and effects can be seen months after a series of treatments. As with any antiaging procedure, we recommend a maintenance treatment every 6 – 12 months after initial treatment series.

What else can PRP be used for?

At the Center for Plastic Surgery in Chelmsford, MA we use PRP for a variety of aesthetic treatments. Treating the face and neck is the most requested treatment but we also see and treat patients with hairloss, unslightly scarring, stretch marks, collagen induction and hand rejuvenation.

Reflection of woman's face after Microneedling in Boston

The Treatment Process

We will begin by thoroughly cleaning your skin and may apply a numbing cream to lessen the possibility of any discomfort. We will also apply a serum that can enter your skin more effectively during treatment through the tiny micro channels created. Réjuvapen provides a specialized serum with growth factors that can increase your body's natural ability to rebuild stronger, younger skin cells. After applying the growth factor serum, our Nurse Practitioner will gently move the handheld device across your skin as the skin is pulled taught. You should experience minimal discomfort, if any, similar to a mild pinching or tingling sensation. Once the treatment is completed, we will apply a specialized topical solution to help hydrate and protect your skin and promote proper healing. We will also provide you with a custom recovery kit to help you achieve optimal results.

What Makes Réjuvapen Treatment Better?

Réjuvapen treatment uses a range of needle penetration depths and speeds to accomplish your specific goals. In this way, your treatment can be tailored for each specific area of the face or body. For example, longer needle depth of penetration can be used in order to reach deeper into the dermis to address more aggressive scarring or cosmetic blemishes or thicker skin. This system also uses sterile needles, which are not reused, as with procedures that use rollers. The Réjuvapen needles penetrate the skin vertically in a more controlled fashion without risk of bending, to easily penetrate tissue, unlike a roller device which enters the skin at different angles potentially causing more epidermal damage, more limited penetration of needles, and bending of needles. With specialized growth factors, advanced cleansers, creams and sunscreens, you can continue to enhance and maintain your skin’s refreshed appearance.

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