Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Patient of Dr Dina Eliopoulos

This patient had spent a lot of time in the sun over the years, and started to notice brown spots as she entered her 40's. At The Center for Plastic Surgery, she received a computerized assessment of her skin, and then began a series of treatments with chemical peels. She also began using a clinical-strength skin care line recommended by Dr. Eliopoulos. Within a few months, the patient had a noticeable reduction in brown spots and was receiving numerous compliments on her skin.

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I'm well into my 60's and have been married to the same wonderful man for more than 40 years. Off and on, over the years, I've thought about, and talked about, having breast augmentation surgery, but the timing was never right. Now, at this stage of my life, the time was finally right…even necessary! The timing couldn't have been better…I had found Dr. Dina Eliopoulos.

You can read the other reviews and they all say everything I'd like to tell the reader. Dr. E is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled surgeon whose basic goal is the best possible outcome for her patient. And Sarah, a Registered Nurse, is a warm, helpful, caring member of the “team.” What I didn't read in the other reviews was how validated Dr. E and Sarah made me feel. At my age especially, this was no easy decision. My reasons were not typical. I have a medical condition that now makes it impossible for me to wear the under-wire push-up padded bras I've worn most of my life. Going bra-less was an embarrassment. I tried other style bras but looked like I had no bust at all! I couldn't always wear what I wanted, and tried to cover up with jackets and scarves. After all these years you would think I'd be confident enough not to worry about what anyone else thought…if anyone else even noticed! But I wasn't confident at all. Dr. E and Sarah, each in their own way, made me feel like I wasn't a foolish older woman. They both made me feel like, whatever the reason for being there, if it is important to ME, it IS important…I'M important…and so are YOU.

If you're reading this you've been thinking about doing something. So talk to Dr. E about your expectations. Listen to her, and Sarah, with both ears…then trust this doctor and her team…you won't be sorry.

My husband supported my choice and was with me the day of my surgery. It could not have gone better. A few days after, when he got his first look at the transformed me, he said softly…”wow, she really knows what she's doing”. He is a man of few words, but what he says means a lot. We could not be happier with the results, maybe for different reasons, but that doesn't matter at all.

Age: 67, Retired, Leominster


I had stubborn fat that made me feel miserable with a low self esteem. The treatments I received made me see life on a better side. I certainly gained my self esteem back. The positive attitude of the personnel at Dr. Eliopoulos’s office was very helpful to me. Finally, the results are terrific and I am totally happy with what I see in the mirror.

Age: 61, Nashua


I am very happy with my experience from the initial visit, to the procedure, to the follow up. Megi has a wonderful way about her, very clear with the instructions and a great way administering the procedure, very attentive, kind and patient. I love the results. I would definitely come back!

Age: 45, Yoga Teacher

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

After a significant weight loss, coupled with age, I was tired of the appearance of my arms. The skin had the appearance of crepe-paper and my “bat wings” waved good-bye before my hands! After a year of consistent exercise and not seeing any definition in my arms, I decided to consult with Dr. Eliopoulos about a Brachioplasty.

Dr. Eliopoulos spent a lot of time with me to ensure she understood my concerns. She set realistic expectations and has a wonderful bedside manner. Her entire office made me feel as if I were their only patient and completely focused on me. I am 6 weeks post-op and am THRILLED with the results! I can’t stop waving in the mirror at myself – my arms look AMAZING! I’ll be tempted to wear tank tops in December.

Charlene C
Age: 52, Billerica, MA

Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction

Surgery transformed my life and greatly improved my self confidence. This was the first time since I was a kid that I was able to take my shirt off at the beach. I used to always go swimming with my shirt on. I also would use different tapes to try to mask the problem and it would stick to my skin and cause bad irritations. Now I no longer have to use tape and it has greatly improved the skin in that area. Thanks so much to Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff for everything they have done!


Breast Augmentation

I have always been unhappy with the size of my breasts. After 4 children and nursing, I was ready to give up. I had done years of researching implants, safety, and doctors but never felt comfortable enough to go through with surgery. A recent acquaintance informed me of Dr. Eliopoulos and couldn't say enough great things about her. So I looked into her work and background. My first impression was with Erin, her patient coordinator, who was warm, friendly and informative. After meeting Dr. Eliopoulos that comfortable feeling I was searching for was found. Her presence was soothing and she was extremely detailed on what my expectations would be. She exceeded my expectations both pre and post surgery. Sarah, Dr. Eliopoulos' nurse corresponded with me through out the procedure via email and was a crucial part of my process. Never was anyone rude or short with my inquiries, just polite and respectful. I look at myself now and can't help but smile. This was not about vanity, it was gaining a confident feeling of being a complete woman. Dr. Eliopoulos ' work is beautiful and natural, and has given me a new appreciation of my body.

Age: 41, Dental Hygienist, NH

Breast Augmentation

I was referred to Dr. Eliopoulos by a friend who had a similar surgery. She raved about the professionalism and how happy she was with her results. My experience was the exact same. I cannot tell enough people how happy I am with my results. What made it even better was that Dr. Eliopoulos and her entire staff were more than helpful, comforting and extraordinarily professional!

Age: 36, Sales, Newburyport, MA


As a mom of five children I value good health and mind. I run 3 days a week 5 miles and weight training 2 days a week. I wanted to achieve better looking legs. After researching my options I chose Dr. Eliopoulos and I was not disappointed. The office staff, Erin and Sarah my nurse were all exceptional. As a health care provider I know the patient is your most valuable asset. I was treated and cared for just like I was their family. Dr. Eliopoulos is the most caring and professional doctor I have ever met. And my legs look awesome. I would recommend her to anyone. I will be returning for more treatment.

Jeanne Fleming
Age: 56, Dental Hygienist, Chelmsford, MA

Breast Reduction

Deciding to have a breast reduction was a bit difficult for me but it turned out to be the best decision. The results of it have improved my quality of life. My experience under Dr. Eliopoulos' care was beyond exceptional. She makes you feel immediately comfortable. She addresses every question and concern. Dr. Eliopoulos and her amazing staff treated me with care and respect. They walk you through the entire preparation process with ease. I would recommend them highly.

Age: 49, Home Health

Breast Augmentation

I have always been flat chested and wanted a Breast Augmentation. Being a diabetic I had to be very cautious and research was very discouraging. A friend of mine had Breast Augmentation with Dr. Eliopoulos years ago so I drilled her with questions then decided after college I'd set up and go for a consultation. I always wanted Dr. Eliopoulos, but was scarred of what to expect. A friend had told me about a free consult at another office and suggested I go to see how the process will be. He wouldn't even look at me because I'm a diabetic. After that I lost all confidence in trying but as a last chance I sent Erin a message and she assured me that Dr. Eliopoulos would see me. I was terrified going, but the moment Dr. Eliopoulos came into the exam room and I saw her confidence, I thought "this is it, she's my surgeon". Like Erin, Dr. Eliopoulos assured me she can do it. I got all my clearance letters from my doctors and scheduled my surgery. My surgery went smoothly. Dr. Eliopoulos gave me a better result than I could have imagined. Even with taking a before and after picture for myself, I'm surprised it's me and my surgery and worry is over. Dr. Eliopoulos really changed my life. I feel better and she was able to help me with a personal issue that I was told no one could change.

Bridget, Dracut
Age: 26, Dental Assistant

Exilis ELITE

My experience at Dr. Eliopoulos' office has always been outstanding. Her staff consistently delivers care and attentiveness that exceeds my expectations and surpasses experiences at other doctor's offices for similar services. I was interested in Exilis because the skin around my mouth and lower cheeks was loose. I didn't want or think filler would be a good option and a facelift seemed to invasive and premature for my condition. Dr. Eliopoulos suggested Exilis. She did not "push" it to aggressively and was very clear about the results and the time frame for seeing results. There are so many offerings on the market for this type of skin tightening, I wouldn't trust anyone other than Sarah, RN and Dr. Eliopoulos to select the product and process and perform the treatments.

Acton, MA
Age: 45, VP Global Ops, Watertown


Age and time certainly changes one’s physical appearance. As a 55 year old business sales executive, I could no longer look in the mirror and see the same body I had in my college years as a life guard. I’ve always stayed active and kept my weight in check, but my physique changed. I got a little thicker on the sides (love handles) and the stomach. Clothes just didn’t lay the same.

Having done extensive research, I decided to look into Smartlipo. I had no interest in those radio commercial "bring them in, pop them out" centers. I live on the south shore and made my way North to Chelmsford to meet with Dr. E (as I call her). From my initial visit, Dr. E provided me with confidence in her ability to perform the procedure and offer me the best chance at obtaining my cosmetic goals. From my first visit to the actual procedure was approx. 5 months. Dr. E took the time to listen to not only my concerns and questions, but to my schedule as well and suggested I have the surgery after my travel plans were completed. I didn’t find this same concern with others I met with.

Dr. E’s staff is exemplary, in touch and on top of every step of the process. It seemed like more a spa day than a surgical procedure. They made sure I was comfortable in every way. I will say when the procedure was completed, it no longer felt like a day at the spa, but again, Dr. E and her staff provided me with a true understanding, pre/post-surgery and they were spot on. Uncomfortable for a few days, yes, but certainly able to get around, even to the point that no one was aware that I had even had the surgery. It is now 8 weeks post-surgery, and I am more than delighted with the results. Dr. E and her nurse, Sarah, keep telling me 4 to 6 months for final results, but if nothing were to change from today, I am one very happy patient and truly amazed at the changes in my physical appearances. My waist in down 2+ inches, my stomach is flat and my clothes fit like they did in College.

If you are considering Smartlipo, please do yourself the pleasure of consulting with Dr. E in Chelmsford. Like me, you will be pleased that you did.

Age: 55, SRVP Sales, Sharon MA


Ever since I can remember I had large protruding saddlebags. I always had trouble with skirts, dresses, pants and especially bathing suits. No amount of weight loss ever made them go away and it made me horribly self conscious all the time. The Smartlipo procedure I had done was truly life changing and the staff and Dr. Eliopoulos are nothing short of miracle workers. I feel like a new person and other than the birth of my children have never been happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Age: 41, Bartender, Methuen

Breast Augmentation

For many years, beginning in my early 20's, I had considered having plastic surgery, but continuously put if off for three reasons: 1) because I was still in school, 2) at the beginning of my professional career, and 3) had concerns on finding a plastic surgeon that had the experience of performing such procedures on women of color. As a black woman, the latter was my biggest concern for a number of women of color are prone to skin/scar tissue conditions such as keloids (hypertrophic scar). I needed to find a surgeon who knew how to minimize their appearance.

A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Eliopoulos upon accompanying her to one of her procedures. After witnessing my friend's recovery and scheduling my breast augmentation consultation in March 2013, my concerns regarding keloids was put to rest. Dr. E (as many of us would genuinely call her) is a profound professional, a woman of integrity, has an aesthetic eye for symmetry, a phenomenal understanding of the female perspective as to what "looks good" on you. She eloquently explained breast implant sizing options in respect to my breast tissue density, explained how the procedure will be done, and provided a fair/realistic recovery time. Dr. E also answered all my questions, acknowledged my concerns and cleared up any misconceptions or misinterpretations one may have heard or read.

In August 2013, I had my breast augmentation procedure done and I'm beyond pleased!! First and foremost, I have no signs of keloids!! Second, the post-operative care the first week after surgery was absolutely "Top Rate" for I have never received so many follow-up phone calls after any medical procedure (and I have not had many) to check-up on my comfort/discomfort levels, medication reactions and overall healing process in the first 24-96 hours after surgery! Access to the medical staff via phone and /or e-mail to respond to questions/concerns I had during the first 4 weeks of recovery was also superb to which I believe contributed to a "pleasant" post surgical recovery.

I would like to thank the ladies in the office (Erin and Lori) with helping me with scheduling and guiding me through the pre-operative process maze. I thank the nursing staff, Sarah, for putting my mind at ease with explaining the administered post-operative medicines, how to "tolerate" the post-operative discomforts, along with answering my questions, clearing up any confusions and/or concerns I may have had during my recovery process. And last but not least, a big ole "THANK YOU" to Dr. Dina Eliopoulos for my new breasts. For I knew my figure will be improved, but I never thought I would look THIS GREAT!!!! Farewell super padded bras, HELLO va-va-va-voom lacey numbers!!!!!

Judy - Marlborough
Age: 44, Project (Aerospace) Engineer

Breast Reduction

Being a thin, small-boned woman my entire life, with size 36DD breasts, I had wrestled on/off with the idea of breast reduction surgery. Fear had kept me from moving forward in my quest. Several years ago, I got up the courage and arranged a consult with a plastic surgeon in the area. From the sterile nature of the office to his robotic delivery, I was less than enthused about the possibility of going under the knife. I was handed a portfolio of before/after photos and watched a video describing the surgery. He returned about 20 or so minutes later and informed me that my left breast would be covered by insurance but not the right as it didn't meet the weight criteria. I could have a surgical lift at my expense ($4,000) and the surgery would be performed in his office (he had an operating room). Needless to say, many red flags were raised that day and I left more discouraged than ever.

Fast-forward to the present and once again, I felt determined to pursue this. I asked my primary for a recommendation and Dr. Eliopoulos' name came up. Remaining positive that I would find the right surgeon I made the appointment. From the moment I walked through the doors to her waiting room, I felt at ease. It's a beautiful, calming space with a spa-like quality. Quiet and soft. The anxiety I had felt was starting to diminish and I eagerly looked forward to meeting Dr. Eliopoulos. She and her staff did not disappoint. My first impression was that she's too young and beautiful to be a surgeon. Several minutes later into my consult, I was convinced that she was indeed the right choice for me. Dr. Eliopoulos' demeanor was enthusiastic, friendly and professional. She spent the entire time going over her book of before/after photos, answering my questions and making sure that I knew exactly what the surgery entailed. It was evident from the get-go that she was the competent professional that I had been looking for. We settled on a date in the summer for my surgery. I had committed. Finally.

I had my surgery and it was the single best decision I have ever made for myself. Dr. Eliopoulos is extremely skilled at what she does. My breasts look amazing. 1.7 lbs of breast tissue was removed. I feel lighter, clothing fits better and no neck, shoulder and back pain! Even my husband agrees. My body is proportion now. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Eliopoulos for doing such an incredible job. It takes a woman to know how breasts should look. Not only is her technique beyond skilled but her caring attitude and attention to her patients is part of her special quality. She is the complete professional package one would want in a plastic surgeon or any surgeon for that matter. I enthusiastically recommend her (and have) to anyone considering breast reduction surgery.

Susan - Lowell, MA
Age: 57, Para-professional

Breast Augmentation

My story began when I was sixteen and there was no sign of any breast development! It always bothered me and I would dress to cover it as best I could. Finally after having my children I realized I was very ready for this process. Since my surgery I now feel complete and realize even more how much my flatness bothered me. I feel like a woman now

Deserving Mom and Woman!
Age: 41, Firefighter, Natick

Breast Augmentation

"Growing up, it was always hard being flat-chested. Every single bra I owned was padded to the extreme, and I had to spend a fortune buying expensive bathing suits that had enough padding. I had been going back and forth with the decision of getting breast implants for years. Finally, with my husbands support, I decided it was time. I’ve done so much research over the years that I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had no idea what surgeon I was going to trust with my body changing decision. I called so many places and I was getting discouraged. My husband was the one who finally found Dr. Dina Eliopoulos. I called requesting some basic information (which a lot of other places would not give me unless I came in for a consult). Erin, Dr. Eliopoulos’ Patient Coordinator, is amazing! I called the office quite a few times before my actual consultation. She made sure to answer all of my questions and when I called after office hours, she always called me back first thing the next day. I was nervous and excited about my consultation. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect walking in to the office, but I was excited because I was one step closer to achieving my dream body. Dr. Eliopoulos was SO kind, and so easy to talk to and she made me feel so comfortable. She knew exactly what I wanted, and she knew what would look best on my frame. When I left my consult, I felt confident in my decision and I knew she was the surgeon who would give me the best results. On the day of my surgery, I was extremely nervous. In just a few hours my body was going to change. Even though Dr. Eliopoulos and I went over pictures and breast implant sizes numerous times, I was still thinking to myself, “What if I don’t like the results? What if my breasts are too small, or too big?”. Dr. Eliopoulos could tell I was nervous but assured me that everything was going to be ok. I don’t remember anything from the surgery except one thing, Dr. Eliopoulos held my hand while the anesthesiologist was giving me the medication, and she held it until I fell completely asleep. The results, let me tell you, are perfect! It’s like she went into my brain and knew exactly what I wanted, shape and size. I am more than happy and pleased with how everything turned out. I am so happy I finally went through with the surgery and I am so happy I chose Dr. Eliopoulos and would recommend her to anyone. What a beautiful office, perfect location and the staff was unbelievable. Sarah, her nurse, was fantastic. Thank you again for helping me achieve something I had been longing for, for so long."

Shirley, MA

Breast Augmentation

"Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff have done an extraordinary job in making me feel comfortable with the procedure as well as helping me with my self confidence. I am so happy with the results they look very natural, proportionate, and I feel like I was born with them! Choosing Dr. Eliopoulos was well worth the three hour drive to Chelmsford, MA. A really nice experience from consultation to one year post op!"

Age: 25, Real Estate Agent, VT

Photorejuvenation (IPL)

"IPL treatments worked wonders for my face. I've had so many compliments. Andrea did a great job! I look and feel younger and my face is so smooth. Andrea and Erin are very professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable whenever I had to come in for a treatment."

Age: 47, Senior Executive Assistant, Lowell MA

Photorejuvenation (IPL)

"I am a total sun worshiper but after much sun and fun, my skin took a complete beating. I had terrible brown spots on both sides of my lower cheek bone areas. Once Andrea put me into the machine that shows all the skin damage, that was enough for me…I was in! Andrea was amazing. I was a little worried about the laser treatment at first, but she was so professional and put me right at ease! She went over all the products to use and I have to say, I was a little intimidated at first. I mean, you’re talking to girl that basically uses dove soap and now I need to do what? It was so simple. Andrea had everything written out on a cute little cheat sheet and within a few days, I had it down to a science. After my very first treatment, I noticed within 1 week a huge difference. My complexion looked better than ever and I was psyched to go for my next treatment. Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff are just awesome and I can't say enough about them and my skin treatments. I recently had to attend a function and I cannot begin to tell you how many people said that my skin was absolutely glowing and asked me what was I using or doing. I told them what I had done and in a short amount of time, had such great results. I highly recommend the laser and skin care treatment and I don't think I could live without the products. Just having such healthy skin is so important with every aspect of your life! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself!"

Age: 49, Account Manager,N. Reading, MA

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift and Abdominoplasty

"I was extremely nervous about having plastic surgery. I really wanted to have a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck. I had gained and lost weight from three pregnancies and life in general. I became very active when I turned 40 and kept the weight off for seven years. I decided that no matter how many sit ups I performed the extra skin in my stomach was never going away. My breasts were never going to magically lift or look full. I had heard good things about Dr. Eliopoulos. I made an appointment to go see her. My experiences with this office were beyond my expectations! Everyone at the office has made me feel like I am their most important patient. Dr. Eliopoulos sat down with me and my husband and explained the procedures to both of us. She made me feel so comfortable about the surgery. I really didn't hesitate after seeing her, I was all in! I couldn't be happier with the results of my surgery. It has been a very rewarding experience. I feel so much better about myself. I feel better in my skin and I like how I look in a mirror again. I have received outstanding care at the Center for Plastic Surgery. I'm only sorry I waited so long to have it done!"


Photorejuvenation (IPL)

"I came the Center for Plastic Surgery for a procedure (blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery) in the summer of 2012. It was successful, painless, and accomplished exactly what I wanted. Then, in the fall, I was referred to Andrea, the Medical Esthetician, for an evaluation. My skin had suffered the effects of years in the sun. Andrea assured me that with laser treatments she could make the dark spots on my face disappear, minimize the wrinkles, and give me a more youthful appearance. After one treatment, the results were amazing. It took four more sessions to complete the process, but the results are definitely everything that she promised. I enjoyed being at the Center for Plastic Surgery. It's really very much a spa atmosphere, relaxing, with a warm and helpful staff. I will be revisiting, I'm sure, in the years to come."

June Bowser-Barrett
Age: 68, Writer/Teacher

Breast Augmentation

"For years I considered having Breast Augmentation surgery. Finally at 25 I decided it was time. I began researching online for surgeons in my area and Dr. Eliopoulos' page was the first one to catch my eye. The next day I called and scheduled a consult appointment. The staff were so kind and accommodating. Even with Dr. Eliopoulos' tight schedule they were able to fit me in quickly, as I had expressed I wanted the surgery within the month. At my consult I was extremely nervous and a little apprehensive because of the big step I was taking. Once I met Dr. Eliopoulos that completely vanished. I instantly felt at ease and comfortable. She was very informative and never pushy, which was something I wouldn't feel comfortable with. After that appointment I knew I was making the right choice to move forward with the procedure. I scheduled the surgery and got through it without a hitch. Everyone at Lowell General Hospital made me feel very comfortable and seeing Dr. Eliopoulos that morning eased any nerves I had. The weeks following the surgery were not as painful as I anticipated. I was sore but for the most part comfortable. I am so incredibly ecstatic with my results! I love, love, love my new enhancements! If I had to go back and do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. Everything from start to finish was perfect! Dr. Eliopoulos changed my life! Thank you Dr. Eliopoulos and staff for guiding me through such an exciting and life changing experience!"

Age: 25, Admin. Asst., Tewksbury, MA

Microdermabrasion & Skin Care Products

"As I started to close in on my 50th birthday, I knew that I wanted to look the best that I could as I age. I was very self-conscious of sun spots (melasma) on my face, and of course fine lines. After only 2 weeks of using OBAGI and having Microdermabrasion treatments my skin became noticeably healthier looking. People have been approaching me, even my boss, telling me that I look younger and I get more compliments with each week that goes by. The entire process was clearly explained to me and the entire staff is amazing! I have spent a lot of money in the past for over-the-counter products that did not give me results. I am so happy that I decided to start this process for myself and that the results are real."

Denise Daly
Age: 49, Office Manager, Lowell


"Deciding to undergo liposuction surgery was a huge decision for me. Having gone to another Plastic Surgeon for a consultation, I was hesitant and doubtful with going forward. Upon meeting with Dr. Eliopoulos, my decision was made. Her warm and caring manner immediately put me at ease. She spent a considerable amount of time with me, answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable. Dr. Eliopoulos was very attentive before, during and after the procedure. Her staff is just as attentive, warm, friendly and professional. I am extremely pleased with my results. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else for any procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Eliopoulos!"

Age: 49, Attorney, Haverhill

Breast Augmentation

"This procedure has changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and can wear fashionable clothes without having to tailor my outfit and cover up. Through their supportive approach, Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff eliminated the stress of undergoing surgery and turned the process into such a pleasant experience. Dr. Eliopoulos' exam was very thorough and set realistic expectations. My results are beyond my expectations and to have such an excellent doctor and staff has truly been a blessing."

Age: 25

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

"After two pregnancies including the birth of twins, I have struggled with my body image. I never gave up on the idea of having a tummy tuck. One of the those twins married this past year and while choosing my mother of the groom dress, I lamented over the limitations placed on my selections due to my abdominal area. It was at that time I decided that I had waited long enough. I got in touch with Dr. Eliopoulos' office and scheduled my abdominoplasty. The office staff was genial and professional. I was treated with respect, my questions were answered, and I was given a complete picture of what the surgery would entail. Dr. Eliopoulos is wonderful. She is professional, has a wonderful bedside manner and actually took the time to consult with my husband in the waiting room. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. My new look has encouraged me to diet and exercise while eating healthier. I can't wait to choose new clothes for my new shape. Don't put it off for 30 years as I did."

Age: 61, Teacher

Photorejuvenation (IPL) & Laser Hair Removal

"I've had a few procedures done at other locations and found that Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff are the best. The results I experienced with my Photorejuvenation (IPL) treatments of my face, chest, back and arms are amazing. The brown spots I had on these area's were very noticeable and I was very self conscious. I recently started Laser Hair Removal and after just two treatments I very rarely have to shave. I am so excited with my results. The entire staff at Dr. Eliopoulos' office are so pleasant and very professional. I'm so pleased with ALL my results and I no longer feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless shirts. My results are amazing. Go for it, it's worth it!"

Age: 52, North Andover, MA

Breast Reconstruction

"Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 was devastating. Although my cancer was early stage, I needed two lumpectomies followed by radiation therapy. After two years my breasts were deflated. My initial consultation with Dr. Eliopoulos gave me hope that it was possible to feel good about myself again. I could finally get back what cancer robbed from me, both emotionally and physically. I personally opted for silicone implants and could not be more satisfied. My breast reconstruction has had such a positive effect on my life. Now I am able to move forward with my life with confidence and well being. Every woman has the right to be and feel the best she can be!"

Age: 50, Paraprofessional / Special Education Support, Chelmsford

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

"My tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Eliopoulos was the best decision I ever made. 12 years ago I lost 105 lbs. I went from a size 25 to a size 8. It took two years and I have kept it off since. But even after all these years, I still felt "fat" because I had lots of extra skin left on my abdomen. I worked so hard and was happy and healthy, but those rolls of skin were always there. I could not bring myself to wear bikinis. It showed over pants like a muffin top even though I took great pains to hide it; wearing girdles or shirts and dresses that hid my tummy area. I should have been the happiest person in the world after losing all that weight, instead I wasn't enjoying life. I did 20 minutes of abs every day for three years and nothing changed, in fact it made it worse. Why? I lost the fat behind the skin so it sagged even more. For some reason I believed that if I kept working out it would go away. I thought surgery was only for those that needed it, for emergencies or real medical issues. But then one day I decided I was sick of fretting about my belly. This WAS a real medical issue. It consumed my every thought and made me feel bad about myself. I needed to be free. I found Dr. Eliopoulos during a web search and made the appointment. I am so glad I did. She was very open and honest and made me feel wonderful. She explained everything so I knew how to prepare. And she has the best staff that helped every step of the way. They really cared for me. I felt very confident scheduling the surgery. It's been 7 weeks and for the first time in 20 years I sat down and my belly didn't lay on my legs. I could see below my bellybutton! I had a waistline! I even look great in work-out clothes! I couldn't believe my eyes! And I realized that years of seeing this extra skin and looking at the rolls had a negative effect on my self-esteem. I felt overweight even though I was not. I wasted time trying to hide a part of me when I was very eager to show off the rest of me. And now I can show off all of me. Dressing in the morning is so much easier. I don't fret about hiding my belly or hiding in pictures. For the first time since I lost all the weight I feel thin and accomplished and fit. I finally have closure and feel like I can do anything again. And now I'm taking even better care of myself and it's affecting those around me. My friends say I glow. Thank you Dr. Eliopoulos!"

Age: 40, Sales Manager, Billerica MA

Breast Augmentation

"After having a baby and losing 80lbs I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. I was referred to Dr. Eliopoulos from a friend and I instantly felt comfortable with her. She did an amazing job on the surgery and the scarring is very minimal. Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff were amazing throughout the whole process."

Age: 26, Dentist Assistant, Chelmsford


"I am extremely pleased with the results I’ve achieved with Doctor Dina. Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff are very professional, courteous, caring and respectful. It was a real pleasure being Dr. Eliopoulos’ patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Eliopoulos to anyone."

Age: 50, Engineer, N. Chelmsford

Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

"After having visited several other plastic surgeons for consultation, my choice was suddenly very clear once I saw Dr. Eliopoulos. Her atmosphere was very professional, comfortable and confident. Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff team work exceptionally well together to provide their patients with the highest level of care and coverage. The Patient Care Coordinator really takes her job seriously…she cares, and follows you through every detail and every step. It’s been a wonderful experience! Thanks."

Age: 51, Owner-Hobby Farm, Thompson, CT

Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting

"Dr. Eliopoulos is a wonder. My Smartlipo procedure was as easy and comfortable as promised. In a matter of a short week, my results were natural yet dramatic. Everyone has asked me if I’ve lost weight but I haven’t lost a pound. I have the neck back that I had in my 20’s."

Age: 61

Facial Fillers & Botox

"I have been a patient of Dr. Eliopoulos’ and her staff for over two years. The professionalism of the staff is remarkable and I would not consider going anywhere else. I am so pleased with the results of my Radiesse treatment. If anyone is considering any type of procedures such as Fillers, Botox or Laser treatments it is all done in their office with the highest level of expertise and I would recommend that you make an appointment. You will be so pleased with the treatment you receive."

Joyce Normand
Age: 68, Trade Show Co., Lowell, MA

Breast Augmentation

"At age 55, I decided to finally have breast augmentation surgery. I had contemplated it for quite awhile, and after living through some trying times, I thought, what better gift to myself! I did a lot of online research and decided on Dr. Dina Eliopoulos. I made my appointment for the consultation, and after meeting her, I knew she was right for me. She and her staff were caring and personable. Dr. Eliopoulos listened to what I had to say and we discussed everything in detail. She answered all my questions and concerns and really understood exactly what I wanted. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end and never once did I second guess myself or regret a single decision I made with the guidance of Dr. Eliopoulos. I am so happy with the results and my breasts feel so natural that I never really think about it anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Eliopoulos as a surgeon no matter what your plastic surgery desire. Not only is she a fabulous doctor but a wonderful person as well!"

Patient from Massachusetts
Age: 56, MA

Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting

"As a nurse it is important that I practice what I preach. I eat a well balanced low fat diet, drink a lot of water and exercise as much as I can. But, as I age, I notice more fat in my mid section and less muscle tone despite exercise. I researched many options and finally chose to have Smartlipo MPX Laser Body Sculpting. I Chose Dr. Eliopoulos because of her credentials and because she and all her staff are professional, knowledgeable in the field of liposuction and they are very friendly, compassionate and non judgmental. I am ecstatic with my results. All my clothes fit again, I feel good and I would definitely promote Smartlipo MPX Laser Body Sculpting. I find that the patients I care for listen and engage with my nutrition and exercise teachings and I believe it’s because I look healthy, toned and energetic. Thank you all, you’re the best. I am grateful for your work."

Age: 51, Nurse, NH

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

"Having 4 children very close in age has left me with quite the baby belly. Exercise alone will not rid the excess skin. I was referred to Dr. Eliopoulos by a client who had a procedure done by her. The more I mentioned Dr. Eliopoulos’ name the more good feedback I got. I went in for my consultation. The office staff greeted me with a smile, I was nervous. I was brought into the patient education room and watched a short video about the procedure. I was then brought into the exam room. Dr. Eliopoulos came into the exam room, introduced herself, she was so pleasant and she made me feel very comfortable. She went over the procedure in detail and answered all of my many questions I had, thoroughly. I highly recommend Dr. Eliopoulos and look forward to meeting other members of her staff."

Age: 46, Nail Technician, Tyngsboro

Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

"I am 49 years old and recently had a Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck done by Dr. Eliopoulos. I have not felt better in over 20 years. I am a mother of 2 boys who were breastfed for about 6 months each. I had a lot of stretch marks and fat from my pregnancies along with very large saggy breasts. After many years of trying to squeeze into normal size bras, I was finally measured for the correct bra size, and I was a size 36G. I did not even realize that they went up that high. I almost cried. That is when I got in touch with Dr. Eliopoulos for a consultation on a Tummy Tuck and possible Breast Reduction. She did the Tummy Tuck first and I could not have been happier with the results. I finally had a flat stomach again after all those years. I had someone ask me after almost 2 weeks of the surgery, if I would do it gain, and without hesitation, I said YES! A year after my Tummy Tuck surgery, I had Breast Reduction surgery. I have gone from a size 36G to a 36C. I now look properly proportioned, and have been told that this looks extremely natural. I am glad that I recovered fairly quickly from both surgeries. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff. They walked me thought both surgeries; fully explaining what was going to happen and was there to answer any questions I had. They are very professional and my results could not have been better. Dr. Eliopoulos is extremely good at what she does. She has given me back my body, pre children, and I must say, I do look and feel great. My self esteem is very high and I feel so much better about myself. It is just too bad that I waited so long to have this done after having my children."

Ellen Reagan – Bellmont
Age: 49, Underwritter, Watertown, MA

Photorejuvenation (IPL) Intense Pulsed Light

"The IPL & NDYag Laser Treatments at Dr. Dina's were life altering for me. The Redness from my Rosacea has gone from covering more than half of my face to looking like it is barely there. The broken blood vessels & enlarged pores on my nose are virtually gone. With very little maintenance, I feel like I finally have control over my Rosacea not my Rosacea controlling me. I truly am amazed at the results! The Staff are so helpful, friendly & professional, I do enjoy my visits. Thank you Andrea, Medical Esthetician & Dr. Dina for giving me my life back!"

Janice A.

Breast Reduction

"I have always had large breasts and was always unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I would wear a bra 24 hours a day because it was the only way I could be comfortable. I experienced neck and shoulder pain and relied on Motrin regularly. After consulting with Dr. Dina I was excited to have the surgery. She and her staff were personable and professional. Dr. Dina described what I could expect with the surgery and recovery. I couldn't be more happy with the results. I can wear a sports bra daily, my clothes fit better and most importantly my shoulder pain is gone. I would recommend the surgery to every one."

Age: 56, Sales Rep, Lawrence MA

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

"I am happy to tell everyone that my overall experience at the Center for Plastic Surgery has been extremely positive! My recent tummy tuck went smoothly, and although I was extremely nervous, Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff were wonderful! I've wanted to have a tummy tuck for years, I have tried every diet and exercise to shrink my stomach, this was the best thing I could have done! I feel great and love how it looks. I highly recommend it!"

Age: 48, Self employed, Windham, NH

Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting

"Though healthy, fit, and at an acceptable weight the extra fat concentrated on my outer thighs was something that seemed to be more obvious and pronounced as I was getting older. In fact, the only way I could have any affect on reducing this area was to lose too much weight, negatively affecting my health and energy level. Having Smartlipo under the expert hand of Dr. Eliopoulos, allowed me to lose this unwanted "genetic family heirloom" without compromising my health. Being my first experience in cosmetic surgery, I was thrilled with the attentive, personal, and, professional care I received from Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff…as well as with the outstanding results!"

Age: 46, Concord

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