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I had an absolutely wonderful experience having Dr. Eliopoulos as a surgeon!! She is so professional, kind-hearted and knowledgeable about her practice. I am SO happy with the outcome of her work; Both Dr. Eliopoulos, her nurse Sarah, and the rest of the staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease with my decision. Dr. Eliopoulos spent a lot of time listening to what I was looking for and gave me exactly that. Also, both the doctor and her staff is always available by phone call or email whenever I have questions. Could not be happier!
Published 01/08/17

I’m well into my 60’s and have been married to the same wonderful man for more than 40 years. Off and on, over the years, I’ve thought about, and talked about, having breast augmentation surgery, but the timing was never right. Now, at this stage of my life, the time was finally right…even necessary! The timing couldn’t have been better…I had found Dr. Dina Eliopoulos. You can read the other reviews and they all say everything I’d like to tell the reader. Dr. E is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled surgeon whose basic goal is the best possible outcome for her patient. And Sarah, a Registered Nurse, is a warm, helpful, caring member of the “team”. What I didn’t read in the other reviews was how validated Dr. E and Sarah made me feel. At my age especially, this was no easy decision. My reasons were not typical. I have a medical condition that now makes it impossible for me to wear the under-wire push-up padded bras I’ve worn most of my life. Going bra-less was an embarrassment. I tried other style bras but looked like I had no bust at all! I couldn’t always wear what I wanted, and tried to cover up with jackets and scarves. After all these years you would think I’d be confident enough not to worry about what anyone else thought…if anyone else even noticed! But I wasn’t confident at all. Dr. E and Sarah, each in their own way, made me feel like I wasn’t a foolish older woman. They both made me feel like, whatever the reason for being there, if it is important to ME, it IS important…I’M important…and so are YOU. If you’re reading this you’ve been thinking about doing something. So talk to Dr. E about your expectations. Listen to her, and Sarah, with both ears…then trust this doctor and her team…you won’t be sorry. My husband supported my choice and was with me the day of my surgery. It could not have gone better. A few days after, when he got his first look at the transformed me, he said softly…"wow, she really knows what she’s doing". He is a man of few words, but what he says means a lot. We could not be happier with the results, maybe for different reasons, but that doesn’t matter at all.
Published 11/16/16

She is amazing and I would HIGHLY recommend her for your plastic surgical needs. Her staff is also wonderful. Taylor, Sara, and Erin.
Published 09/01/16

I recently scheduled a consult appointment with Megi at Dr. Eliopoulos’s office in regard to CoolSculpting in April 2016. The consult went well and Megi set the expectations and level set what the results would be and explained the process, recovery and expectations for the procedure. She did not pressure me in any way and provided me with all the necessary information to make a solid decision and I ended up scheduling the procedure. I was very nervous going in but overall the process went very well and Megi helped to create a comfortable, calming experience. During the procedure Megi was very attentive, explained each step and supported any questions during the process and made me feel completely at ease. It is now 2 months after the procedure and I am very happy with the results and can not wait to see what happens in the next few months. I had my follow up appointment with Megi last week and again she was very informative and we were both happy with my results. I would definitely consider going back to Dr. Eliopoulos’s office again for anything in the future. The staff is friendly, informative and very supportive. Thank you!
Published 06/29/16

Dr. Eliopoulos performed my breast augmentation surgery over 7 years ago. 7 years later still very pleased with the results. When I heard her office was now a Thermiva provider I decided to give it a try. Megi was so patient and knowledgable. My husband and I are very happy with the change in appearance and moisture.
Published 06/11/16

Dr. Eliopoulos is one of most caring doctors I’ve ever been to. She spends a great amount of time with you before and after surgery. She truly takes the time to really listen and understand what your wants and goals are of the surgery desired. Dina goes into much detail about what you should expect, what her thoughts are and what she thinks is best and what will make you look best. I can honestly say… She is that doctor that isn’t afraid to go over your "one hour" time limit appointment- She doesn’t rush you. She will do everything in her power to make you feel comfortable and excited for your surgery. She is caring, understanding and open minded. If anyone is looking to get cosmetic surgery… Go see Dr. Eliopoulos. She doesn’t disappoint. Extremely happy with my outcome.
Published 05/02/16

Words cannot even express how incredibly amazing Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff truly are. From the moment I walked into Dr. E’s office, I instantly knew this is who I was going to place my trust in.
Published 04/22/16

Words cannot even express how incredibly amazing Dr. Eliopoulos and her staff truly are. From the moment I walked into Dr. E’s office, I instantly knew this is who I was going to place my trust in for my cosmetic procedure (and any other future procedures!!!!!). I was welcomed warmly by everyone from the front desk staff, the nurse Sarah (who is also amazing!!) and by Dr. Eliopoulos, herself. I was completely comfortable. Dr. Eliopoulos spent more than an hour with me for my consultation and provided so much education about the procedure and what I could expect. I was very impressed that a physician would spend much time with a patient, especially for a consultation. Her nurturing approach to caring for her patients was just as impressive to me as her impeccable attention to the detail of her work. She understood what I wanted to achieve and helped me to set realistic expectations.On the day of surgery, she made sure I was completely comfortable. I was so excited and not in the least bit nervous as I knew I was in good hands! After the surgery she called my husband and came to check on me, which made me feel well cared for!I have recommended Dr. Eliopoulos to my friends and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for the best in the field! I am so happy with my results and truly grateful to her!
Published 04/22/16

I had two major surgeries with Dr. Eliopoulos: a brachioplasty and a medial thigh lift. She is bright, caring and most importantly, honest. Between Dr. Eliopoulos and her nurse, Sarah, I was thoroughly prepared. I had two major surgeries with Dr. Eliopoulos: a brachioplasty and a medial thigh lift. She is bright, caring and most importantly, honest. Between Dr. Eliopoulos and her nurse, Sarah, I was thoroughly prepared for both surgeries and we had open and honest discussions about reasonable expectations. I asked the anesthesiologist how he liked working with her. He said "she takes her time and is extremely meticulous". What more could you ask for in a plastic surgeon? Everyone in her office makes me feel as if I am their only patient. I feel happier and more confident than I have in a very long time and am thrilled with my results.
Published 04/07/16

Dr Eliopoulos is truly amazing, both her and Sarah RN have been so over the top with my care, they make me feel so comfortable with their knowledge, compassion, Not to mention how thrilled of the results of my tummy tuck and it’s just been 5 weeks post op, if your looking to enhance yourself in anyway I would Highly recommend Dr Eliopoulos, from her care and her staff you are guaranteed to not only get great results but feel like you’re getting that female personal touch and family environment!!!! If I could rate her and the staff higher than 5 stars I would!!
Published 04/05/16

I am so grateful to Dr. Eliopoulos’s office and especially for the incredible nurse, Sarah Eliopoulos’s. I recently went in for two skin care treatments and she was so warm and so incredibly kind. Not only was I happy with the treatments she gave me, I felt so good being around her. She spent time with me, making me feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend a visit here. I am recommending it to my friends!
Published 03/21/16

I am so grateful to Dr. Eliopoulos’s office and especially for the incredible nurse, Sarah Eliopoulos’s. I recently went in for two skin care treatments and she was so warm and so incredibly kind.
Published 03/21/16

Everything about my experience with dr. Eliopoulos has been so pleasant. I had a tummy tuck which includes muscle tightening. Her office and staff are extremely nice as well as informative. I have never had to wait for my appointment. You will always see her, no physician assistants. Other than a nurse taking the photos, all interactions are with her. My results are far better than I have ever hoped for. She is an amazing surgeon. You will not be disappointed.
Published 03/07/16

Dr. Eliopoulos is an amazing surgeon. I can’t say enough good things about her. My whole experience from beginning to now has been very positive. My results are beyond what I thought I could have. Her office staff is so pleasant and helpful at all times. What I especially have liked is the attention she gives at each visit. I never feel rushed. She is so sweet. She is honest, reassuring. Her amazing surgeon skills has truly changed my life.
Published 02/28/16

Written words cannot get across how amazing Dr. Eliopoulos is. She is kind, caring, and a real perfectionist. She is all about the patient’s experience and expectations. She has plenty of before and after pictures of her procedures. You are always seen by her. She spends as much time with you as you need at every visit. She even told me to email her anytime if I thought something didn’t look right so you could have your mind put at ease immediately. Her staff is excellent. The facility is beautiful. I am so happy with my results. The after picture is only 13 weeks post op. Pretty amazing in my personal opinion. She changed my life.
Published 02/25/16

I am a mother of four boys and I decided now that the boys are grown, it is time to think about myself. I came in contact with Dr. Dina Eliopoulos to see if I could do a little Botox in some areas on my face I felt would make me look younger. I am petrified of needles and, of course, Botox is a needle. She handled my issue with compassion. Her calm, professional manner walked me through the session, and to my surprise, it was nothing how I imagined it in my head. Quick and painless and the results — WOW!!! Dr. Eliopoulos took the time with me and allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed. She made sure I was educated during the procedure and after the procedure. One day during my Botox session, I asked about fillers in my lips, she again went over the process and knew this was an area of dislike for me. I set up my appoint to do the Juvederm on my lips (again needles) she made this procedure painless and the results are amazing. She is a talented, gifted doctor with a great personality. I feel like I have known her my whole life, but it has only been a couple of years. Sarah and the rest of her staff are amazing, they follow up with you and offer advice when you ask. I will NEVER look elsewhere for any of my beauty needs. Love this office, they treat you like family. She has put me back together after the years of raising four boys.
Published 06/24/15

44, 2 Kids (Breastfed) 5’2" 120 lbs, 300L, 330R, MP, Saline, 34B to 34DD, Worth Every Penny! Massachusetts
Published 04/04/15

A true Artist! Amazing bedside manner as well as professionalism.
Published 03/10/15

The staff is friendly and professional. I have had great results with my procedures. I am never pressured to do large "packages" or many things at once. I appreciate all the time they take to educate me on options.
Published 03/09/15

The staff is friendly and professional. I have had great results with my procedures. I am never pressured to do large "packages" or many things at once. I appreciate all the time they take to educate me on options.
Published 03/09/15

I was recently reminded of Dr. Eliopoulos’ amazing talent and ability to really listen to her patients when I saw a pic of an A-list celeb, who apparently had her eyelids done and is now completely unrecognizable. Her eyelids were once hooded, like mine, and they were what made her look like her. It made me so incredibly grateful that Dr. Eliopoulos listened when I said I didn’t want anything too drastic with my upper bleph surgery, I just wanted to look refreshed—I wanted to still look like me. The results were exactly what I wanted. No one knew quite what I had done. Close friends and family just thought I looked "healthier and happier"! I trust her 100%. She listens, she cares, she’s respects her patients and she is extremely talented.
Published 10/23/14

Dr E was extremely friendly had great bedside manner and was constantly making sure I didn’t have any unanswered questions! Would recommend her to anyone that was interested in plastic surgery!
Published 07/04/14

Positive Comments: The doctor definitely listened to my concerns. She does not push or pressure one into procedures. I will definitely return to this practice. General Comments: Although I did wait 1 hr in the waiting room, they were squeezing me in, so I understood.
Published 01/02/14

The doctor definitely listened to my concerns. She does not push or pressure one into procedures. I will definitely return to this practice.
Published 01/02/14

My breast augmentation exceeded my highest expectations. Right from the consultation, I knew I had found the right surgeon. Consults with other surgeons in Boston and Cape Cod were impersonal and left me feeling pressured. Dr.Dina and her staff immediately put me at ease, listened to me and offered ongoing support and communication between consult and surgery to insure that I got the EXACT (but better) results I wanted. I was literally in awe of how natural and, well perfect, my breasts looked. Her sense of esthetics is spot-on—and she has the precision and skill to make the vision a reality. I had minimal pain and swelling and an easy recovery—far easier than what I had expected after reading blogs from other women who saw other surgeons. The best validation came from my gynocologist—six months post op—he said that my augmentation was THE BEST he had ever seen! very natural yet proportional results, and he says the incision is the neatest and best-healed he has seen. When I am ready to do a "little work" on my face, I will be happy to travel the two hours to get it done by Dr. Dina. She has my trust and admiration. My only regret? Not having done it sooner!!
Published 12/05/11

Dr. Eliopoulos is a true artist. I had Radiesse injections in my cheek bone area and corners of my nose, where nasolabial lines were starting to form and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. She did a perfect job. Absolutely perfect.
Published 11/15/11

I was recommended to Dr. Eliopoulos by my daughter, who urged me make the move from my previous dentist of years. I’m very glad I listened to her! Dr. Eliopoulos is very professional, yet kind and caring. You don’t feel rushed when you are there. In fact, on my last visit, he even drew a picture for me of what was going on with my tooth so that I would understand. He is also current with the latest technology. His office just moved into a beautiful office building that is second to none. I have since recommended friends to him and they are very happy that I did. If you are searching for a dentist, I would highly recommend coming to Dr. Eliopoulos. You’ll be glad you did, just like the rest of us.
Published 09/05/11

I have been going to Dr. Eliopoulos for many years now, mainly because he treats wimpy patients like me with the time and extra care it takes to get me
Published 09/05/11

At 47, I had finally decided to explore breast augmentation options, although with a lot of anxieties. I had consultations with several "premier" and prestigious Boston plastic surgeons and my anxiety only increased. While competent, they did not listen or respond to concerns, particularly about the results I desired. I almost decided not to get the procedure.Then I went to see Dr. Eliopoulos, whose great staff was able to fit me in a busy schedule just when I needed. Immediately I knew I was in the right place, where I was a person and not a wallet. Dr. Dina is very comfortable to speak with, and deeply interested in talking about the exact results I was looking for and reviewing the options and expectations. We were definitely on the same page and I left there very excited about scheduling the procedure.I was encouraged to send as many photos as I wanted to help provide a visual of just what I was hoping for. Erin the Surgical coordinator answered my zillion email questions promptly and was always very reassuring.I had a pre-op visit to review photos and then another review of photos right before the surgery.The surgery went very well and I should not have been so anxious about it! There was some pain on the long two-hour ride home but it quickly just became some discomfort. I was off pain meds in just two and a half days. The hospital staff who did my pre-op had very positive things to day about Dr. E and they are not on her staff. Many of them were or know patients and recommend her highly.The miracle was that I had NO bruising. None. The incisions are small and neat and are healing well. Dr. Eliopoulos is very careful about informing you of post-op activities and tends to err on the side of caution.And the RESULTS! WOW! I got EXACTLY the look I had hoped for, even better than I could have expected. I should have done this a long time ago. I was so afraid, seeing so many bad "boob jobs" on websites, but my results are natural and attractive, even to my boyfriend who didn’t think there are good breast augmentations. I am truly amazed at how on-target she was in getting me my dream results, and how easy the recovery has been. I will have another post-op in a few months as she is very thorough. I am already setting up a piggy bank to have any other procedures that might be needed as I get older, as I would do them with her in a heartbeat with complete confidence.I highly recommend her. Skip the Boston shuffle and go see a doctor who is practicing her expertise and skill in her hometown and doing it brilliantly!
Published 07/01/11

dr.eliopoulos is extremely thorough, professional and always on time. Her office is clean and her office staff is wonderful. EXCEllENT experience. They get right back to me either by e-mail or phone with any questions. My sister is going to have hers done next. she was so impressed with this dr.’s work. My Fiancé simply loves how they came out.
Published 10/15/10

Dr. Dina Eliopoulos lives up to her reputation as a board certified plastic surgeon by being frank and realistic about patient aspirations. I still remember my first consultation with her. I got very good attention though I had gone to the Center for a facial. A few months later, I got a liposuction done. The overwhelming results have sealed my faith in her as a capable specialist who settles for nothing less than perfection. Her Center for Plastic Surgery in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts is undoubtedly THE place for aesthetic surgery.
Published 07/31/10

I now have a beautiful, sexy looking abdomen with barely visible scarring and it??s all because of the wonderful tummy tuck procedure done by Dr. Dina Eliopoulos. Recovery was smooth and I continue to get flattering comments.
Published 05/14/10

Dr. Dina has given me not just a perfect breast job. She has made me feel more womanly and has restored my self-esteem. Prior to the surgery, the doctor apprised me of the possible risks and also about the good results that could be achieved. Her reassuring smile totally put me at ease. The surgery passed off smoothly without a hitch and the mild discomfort that I felt gradually died down. The best part is that the results look so natural.
Published 03/06/10

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