Breast Reduction Techniques to Relieve the Burden of Overly Sized Breasts

Feb 9, 2015 @ 10:00 AM — by Dina Eliopoulos

A full, shapely bust line

While there are many benefits to a large, shapely bust line, those who have breasts that are overly dense and too heavy for their body frame know all too well the potential downsides of large breasts. Large, heavy breasts can be dragged down by their weight, compromising the overall shape of the bust line, and creating significant pain and physical limitations for those who are burdened with a disproportionate bust line. Breast surgery can improve the size, shape, and lift of the breasts, giving patients a bust line that is more aligned with their aesthetic goals. In the case of oversized breasts, the surgery of choice is a breast reduction. Plastic surgeon Dina Eliopoulos discusses with her Chelmsford patients breast reduction techniques that can give them the proportionate, shapely, and attractive bust line they desire.

Technique Options

There are different incision options to consider when it comes to breast reduction surgery, but the most widely used technique, by far, is the wise pattern technique, which involves the use of an anchor-shaped incision. This technique offers the most control and allows for the greatest degree of alteration. An incision is made around the perimeter of the nipple areolar complex and then extended vertically down the center of the breast and then horizontally across the breast wall (beneath the natural crease of the breast). This incision allows Dr. Eliopoulos to resize and reposition the nipple areolar, remove excess breast fat and tissue, and reposition and reshape the remaining breast tissue. The results of this technique are smaller, firmer breasts that have been lifted to a more youthful position.

While not as widely used, two additional breast reduction technique options are the Benelli technique (which uses only a circular incision around the areolar complex) and the vertical scar technique (which uses an incision that circles the areolar complex and then extends vertically down the center of the breast). These techniques are better suited for patients who are looking to reduce breast size but require only minimal alteration to the shape or positon of the breasts.

Male Breast Reduction

It is not just women who find themselves with excess breast tissue, but males as well, which is why Dr. Eliopoulos offers male breast reduction surgery. The technique for male breast reduction is different than that of a female reduction. For male patients, Dr. Eliopoulos will remove excess breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue by means of liposuction or direct excision. Because males will not require a lift or a resizing/repositioning of the nipples, these techniques can adequately shrink male breasts in order to give them the flatter, more masculine profile they desire.

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