Improve the Appearance of the Arms with Cosmetic Treatment

Sep 5, 2015 @ 09:00 AM — by Dina Eliopoulos

Patient pinching excess fat and tissue hanging from the upper arm

Just about everyone has a “problem area” on the body that they’d like to improve. Fortunately, cosmetic treatment allows patients to do just that. Rather than deal with aesthetic problems by hiding them, patients can eliminate them to give themselves that extra boost of confidence. From lifts to liposuction to remove unwanted fat deposits, Dr. Dina Eliopoulos can improve virtually any area of the body. Take the arms, for instance. This is actually a very common trouble spot for many of our patients. The arms often lack definition and tend to hold onto excess pockets of fat. This, combined with a loss of skin elasticity, can create an unwanted flap of skin that hangs down from the upper arms, a condition that is especially embarrassing when a person is waving his or her arms. This is why Chelmsford's top plastic surgeon, Dr. Eliopoulos offers cosmetic treatment for the arms, to give her patients the slim, toned arms they desire.


Liposuction is a common treatment that is offered to patients who are concerned with the appearance of their arms. The arms are one area of the body that holds onto stubborn fat deposits. No matter how much a patient may diet or workout, it can be hard to slim down the arms and get the toned definition that most patients desire. With liposuction treatment, this fat can be removed for good.

During a liposuction procedure, Dr. Eliopoulos makes a series of small incisions along the treatment area. A small device called a cannula is then passed through these incisions. The cannula breaks up the fat and liquefies it so that it can be suctioned from the body. Liposuction can give patients the slimmer arms they desire, leaving behind the smallest of scars, which are barely visible once they have healed.


Smartlipo is the latest liposuction technique. Like traditional liposuction treatment, Smartlipo allows patients to eliminate stubborn fat in order to give the arms a slimmer and more toned appearance. However, Smartlipo is a technique that uses laser power to sculpt the body. These lasers destroy fat cells and also coagulate tissue, which promotes skin tightening. This technique may be ideal for patients who struggle not only with excess arm fat, but also a small degree of lost skin elasticity. Smartlipo can provide results that are just as successful as traditional liposuction (with the additional benefit of skin tightening), and results in an easier and shorter recovery period.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as a Brachioplasty, is the ultimate cosmetic procedure for patients who are looking to drastically improve the appearance of the arms. An arm lift allows Dr. Eliopoulos to remove extra skin and tissue from the upper arm and re-drape the remaining skin so that the arms are firmer and slimmer. This procedure is performed by making a single incision that extends down the length of the inner, upper arm (typically from the armpit down to the elbow). Although this will result in a scar, it can be easily hidden and most patients find it is well worth it for the significant improvement it makes to the appearance of the arms.

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