Juvéderm® SKINVIVE™ Before and After Photos Speak for the Effectiveness of this “Skin Booster”

Juvéderm® SKINVIVE™ Before and After Photos Speak for the Effectiveness of this “Skin Booster”

Juvéderm SKINVIVE offers a ground-breaking solution to those looking for radiant, revitalized skin. Unlike other skincare treatments, Juvéderm SKINVIVE utilizes hyaluronic acid microdroplets. This potent hydration source goes beyond merely hydrating your skin to infusing it with long-lasting moisture to maintain a plump, youthful appearance.

What's even more exciting is that the treatment doesn't stop at delivering deep skin hydration - it also enhances skin elasticity and smoothness by stimulating collagen production. The whole process boosts the skin's resilience to environmental factors, reducing signs of skin aging. Learn more below and see for yourself how the SKINVIVE before and after results speak for themselves!

What is SKINVIVE Treatment?

I'm excited to introduce SKINVIVE - a cutting-edge skin booster that harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring substance that can be found throughout the body and is known for its ability to provide structure and hydration to the skin. With the help of hyaluronic acid microdroplets, SKINVIVE is specially formulated to enhance the skin's natural moisture retention abilities, leaving it looking plump, radiant, and well-hydrated.

Like other Juvéderm products, SKINVIVE is injected into the skin. However, SKINVIVE is not considered a dermal filler. In fact, SKINVIVE is placed superficially on the outer layers of the skin, known as the epidermis, typically targeting the upper and lower cheeks.

SKINVIVE is injected in very tiny aliquots with a very tiny needle in a grid-like pattern to effectively "bathe" the area with a layer of Hyaluronic acid. While you may feel some little bumps of the product in the skin for a day or two, the visibility of the little bumps goes away within about an hour of your treatment. So, there is no downtime. We refer to SKINVIVE as a "skin booster" because its sole purpose is to hydrate the skin and improve texture, not rebuild volume.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved SKINVIVE for widespread use in May 2023, and a flurry of SKINVIVE before and after photos have overloaded social media since. Patients rave about SKINVIVE as the solution for dull and dry skin, particularly in the colder winter months. In clinical studies, patients who tried SKINVIVE for the first time reported high satisfaction with how glowing, hydrated, and healthy their skin looked.

The Benefits of SKINVIVE

SKINVIVE is injected into the superficial layers of the skin, where it effectively creates a pool of hyaluronic acid that locks in the natural moisture within the outer skin layers, resulting in an improvement in both softness and radiance. A quick look at SKINVIVE before and after results shows improvements in skin hydration and texture, particularly along the cheeks, that lasted for at least six months.

What makes SKINVIVE so effective in providing these benefits is its ability to increase aquaporin levels, which are responsible for transporting water into the skin cells, leading to better hydration. Furthermore, SKINVIVE contains microdroplets of hyaluronic acid, which naturally stimulate collagen production in the skin. Although it may not provide volume to the face, SKINVIVE's collagen synthesis helps to enhance plumper and juicier complexion.

SKINVIVE Before and After Photos Showcase Results

Recipients of SKINVIVE have reported high satisfaction with how hydrated and refreshed their skin looked six months post-treatment. While the true impact of SKINVIVE is how plump and healthy the skin feels to the touch, the impact is hard to miss in the skin's newfound radiance.

The results of SKINVIVE are gradual but are noticeable nearly immediately after treatment. Skin quality begins to improve within a few weeks, and the complexion will become smoother over time as the skin continuously retains more natural moisture.

Juvéderm® SKINVIVE™ Before and After Photos Speak for the Effectiveness of this “Skin Booster”

Juvéderm® SKINVIVE™ Before and After Photos Speak for the Effectiveness of this “Skin Booster”


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Give SKINVIVE a Try to Hydrate Your Skin!

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