In Honor of Father’s Day… Let’s Talk Men!

June 4, 2018 @ 1:30 PM — by Dina Eliopoulos

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During this month of June, we celebrate all the special Dads in our lives. But whether it be our dads, granddads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, we want to highlight gentlemen this month. We love taking care of our male patients here at the Center for Plastic Surgery and have an array of cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures geared towards men. Men should not feel shy about considering plastic surgery. Based on stats from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of men considering plastic surgery continues to be on the rise.


Let’s face it gentlemen, just like women, you may have things on your face or body that you would love to tweak. For example, many men struggle with feeling less confident and comfortable due to unwanted fat in the abdomen, love handles, or neck. Sometimes despite healthy eating and exercise, these areas can be hard to target, especially with our busy lives, or maybe slowing metabolism. Body contouring is one of my specialties. So, here at the Center for Plastic Surgery I offer three options for fat reduction that our patients love. Liposuction and SmartLipo laser assisted liposuction can create dramatic changes. I will be able to recommend which option is the best for you, either under general anesthesia or under local anesthetic in the office, after meeting with you. But if you are really trying to “fly under the radar” and avoid down time, then noninvasive nonsurgical CoolSculpting may be the perfect option to get rid of unwanted fat.

Male Patient Liposuction of Abdomen & Hips Before And AfterHere is my patient's before and after of Liposuction of Abdomen & Hips


I also specialize in male breast reduction, and find great satisfaction helping men with a very common problem – enlarged breast, sometimes also referred to as Gynecomastia. This can create embarrassment or uneasiness when wearing a tee shirt or going without a shirt at the beach or pool. Some of my happiest patients have been men of all ages and stages of their lives, including teens, who undergo plastic surgery to address their enlarged breasts. Commonly I can do this with liposuction with or without some additional surgical removal of breast tissue through small well-hidden incisions. I love to see their restored confidence when they see the change!

Male Breast Reduction Before and After PhotoAbove is a happy patient of mine before and after his breast surgery. The picture on the right shows him 4 months after his Gynecomastia surgery which involved liposuction of both breasts along with direct excision of additional tissue through a lower areola incision.


Just like us ladies, many men would love to look a bit more refreshed and less tired or maybe less angry and more approachable. But, they still want to look natural and expressive, masculine, and NOT OVERDONE. That’s why botox an injectable filler to the face, and Kybella, an injection which targets chin fat, are increasingly popular with men too.

Kybella Double Chin Treatment Before and After PhotoOur patient above was treated with Kybella (2 in-office treatments) to permanently reduce chin fat.

And remember, just because you're a guy doesn't mean you’re immune to sun damage and the aging process. Men age just as quickly as women, and the “rugged look” may not be doing you justice! The best thing a man can do for himself is have a small, simple skin care routine each day.

This would include a few basic steps:

  • Cleanse with a Facial Cleanser (not the same bar of soap you just washed your body with). A facial cleanser will not strip your skin of the moisture and oil it needs to stay healthy.
  • Use a Moisturizer. Shaving is a way of exfoliating your skin which is great, but at the same time it can also destroy the skin's natural hydrolipidic film, which in turn, leaves you dry and irritated. Applying a moisturizer will help restore that barrier.
  • Finally, applying a Sunscreen will help protect your skin all day long from the sun's harmful rays that will lead to accelerated aging.

Of course, if you are ambitious, we could always recommend other great Anti-Aging Skin Care Products to add to this very simple regimen. We can customize an effective little bundle of products just for you. We also have some very effective skin treatments that can help exfoliate and target pigmentation problems, redness, or wrinkles. So, come visit the Center for Plastic Surgery in Chelmsford and talk with us!

Best, Dr. Eliopoulos

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