Who Says You Can’t Have It All? - Breast Lift after Pregnancy

Jan 7, 2015 @ 02:03 PM — by Dina Eliopoulos

Close up of a mother’s midsection after breast lift surgery, her nipples concealed by her hands

As wonderful as the experience of being pregnant and having a child can be for many women, it also has consequences on a woman’s body. Fortunately, breast surgery and other plastic surgery procedures have made it possible for women to embrace the joys of motherhood without having to permanently sacrifice their youthful, sexy contours. In fact, some women emerge from their plastic surgery treatments looking younger, fitter, and shapelier than they did before their pregnancies.

Among the most transformative breast surgery procedures that mothers can undergo after pregnancy is breast lift. At the Center for Plastic Surgery in Chelmsford, breast lift after pregnancy has helped numerous mothers regain their self-confidence by giving them back their pre-pregnancy figures. Dr. Dina Eliopoulos is an experienced Boston and Chelmsford plastic surgeon who understands how to enhance a woman’s natural beauty and make her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Who better to perform breast lift after pregnancy than a plastic surgeon known for her outstanding results, achieved with a woman’s touch?

Whether you simply want to “perk up” your breasts after pregnancy or include breast lift in a more comprehensive “mommy makeover” plan, Dr. Eliopoulos would welcome the opportunity to meet with you during a confidential consultation and demonstrate why she is the perfect surgeon for you.

How Pregnancy Affects the Breasts

Pregnancy will inevitably change your breasts to some degree. If you decide to breastfeed, these changes will be even more drastic. While you can diet and exercise vigorously to regain your health and your basic shape, you will find that your breasts will never return to their previous position on your chest. This is because the hormonal and physiological changes that occurred in your body during pregnancy caused them to become heavier and larger. As a result, they lost some of their natural elasticity, something that otherwise would have happened only as a result of time. Many women accept these aesthetic changes for what they are: a part of being a mother. Others, however, want to have the bodies they had before pregnancy, and plastic surgery makes this desire a very realistic possibility. As you are reading this blog post right now, there is a good chance that you are at least considering this possibility.

About the Breast Lift Procedure

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to improve the profile of the breasts and elevate them to a position on the chest that is more aesthetically pleasing in relation to the rest of the figure. This is accomplished through the surgical removal of excess fat, skin, and other tissues. Breast specialist Dr Eliopoulos performs breast lift surgery through the smallest possible incisions, usually made subtly around the areola and in the crease at the base of the breast. She then restructures the breast tissues to create a breast that is perkier and tighter, according to the patient’s goals and body type. If necessary, she repositions the nipple as well.

It is worth noting that breast lift is not the same as breast reduction, the latter of which is intended to make the breasts both dramatically smaller and lighter. Breast lift reduces sagging, but does not make the breasts appreciably smaller. The procedure can, however, be combined with breast augmentation for mothers who wish to have larger, more youthful breasts.

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